DJ Patrisia / Poland

DJ Partisia has been mixing music since 1996. She played her first event in Wroclaw. As an only woman in Poland she qualified to the prestigious RedBullMusicAcademy. In 2000 she issued her debuting record together with HUSKY band. Currently she has been sharing her time between her newest project Oszibarack and mixing music for a theatre performance entitled GRY [GAMES]. Her artistic creativity is a sensuous, pulsating and strongly energizing portion of music that cannot be confined in any music genre.

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DJ/VJ visomat inc. / Germany
VJ Agata Kurecki
VJ Toersten Oetken
VJ Michel Weinholzner
DJ skate
DJ Jack Miggah
DJ Ute Waldhausen

visomat inc. are active along the interface of visualizing music, designing ambient interiors, and conveying contents, thus directly referring analysis and commentary to the time and place of their performance: reality remixed.

visomat inc. was formed in the mid-90s as a part of that typically Berlin crossover of media art and club culture; its aim: to visualize music. By positioning videomixes as visuals and commentary on a par with the DJs'/musicians-music mix, they created a visual and technological counterpart to the electronic minimalism of contemporary music production.

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Thomas Dumke
Matthias Härtig
Daniel Mühne

dance, just dance (minimal techno, electro

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Seed Project / Poland
Jarek Grzesica

Originally the aim of this project was to separete the repeated spaces and sequences of sound and creating new stuctures out of this substance. I often use very low frequences that are more perceptible than audible. People react to them in a particular way in a certain state of half awake and half dream. These sounds, seemingly staying outside the bareer of perception, move us to the specific mood of contemplation.

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DJ pixelpop / France
DJ Jacques Dupont(D)
DJ Treacle

Jacques Dupont(D) and Treacle musicians bound with Bee Records, they unite their musical personalities in the pixlepop project which can be described as 2nd step underground movement. They make music in d'n'b and glitch&blip climates.

To WRO 05 pixlepop arrives straight from organized by Bee Records "Pi days & Pi night 2" that make a part of an electronic music festival "Nuits Sonores" in Lyon.