La SAFIRE / Video Les Beaux Jours (France)

[La SAFIRE / Video Les Beaux Jours]

Vidéo Les Beaux Jours is a non profit organization created in 1989, by people involved in the audiovisual field, in order to promote the exhibition of cinematographic and audiovisual works, such as documentaries and video art.

All year long, in Alsace and around, with the partnership of cultural and educationnal organizations, Vidéo Les Beaux Jours organizes events (more than 200 in 2004) in the presence of the filmmakers.

A particular focus is done on the regional production, with the edition of a yearbook and in the organization of the festival "Filmer en Alsace".

It proposes different kind of services (documentation, video library, seminars, workshops, screenings, advices) in the "Maison de l'Image" of Strasbourg where its office is. All this activities around education and teaching in cinema, audiovisual ans multimedia culture and techniques have the support of the CNC and the DRAC Alsace, the Région Alsace and the City of Strasbourg.

Created in 1993, the "Independent Filmmakers Association in Eastern France" now consists of more than 150 active or associated members. The association gathers professional directors and young or student filmakers. The SAFIRE promote professional, moral, artistic, and economic freedom of filmakers.

The SAFIRE published a two-monthly 28 pages information letter acting as a link between directors and professionals.

The SAFIRE organizes: "les seances de l'ivite": analitycal sessions of documentary or feature projects, thematical and professional meetings: discussions are organized with directors or experts from outside Alsace.

The SAFIRE is represented on local production-founding bodies in the "Region Alsace", the "Communaute Urbaine de Strasbourg" and the "Agence culturelle d'Alsace”.

Our partners are the City of Strasbourg, Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs (Culture Minister) and the Cultural Agency of Alsace.

compilation by Sophie Charlotte Gautier and Georges Heck

La SAFIRE / Video Les Beaux Jours
compilation by Sophie Charlotte Gautier & Georges Heck