Jozef Robakowski, Energetic Images / Attention: LIGHT! (Poland)

Energetic Images / Attention: LIGHT!

Attention: LIGHT! Is a part of ENERGETIC IMAGES , a major three-part presentation of selected works from 1970 to 2005, compiled by WRO in close collaboration with the artist, specially for the International Kurzfilmtage in Oberhausen, focussing on the energetic and bio-mechanical element in Robakowski's films and videos.

Attention: LIGHT! (for Paul Sharits) is a program of film and video works inspired by the energy of light - the medium at the very core of the projection of moving pictures - is dedicated to the late Paul Sharits, the American artist of experimental art with whom Robakowski enjoyed a long-term creative friendship.

Attention: LIGHT! fits into the oeuvre of Sharits, the seeker of colorful elementary structures for film images, as well as into Robakowski's, with his interest in the energy of light.

Energetic Images, curated by Piotr Krajewski is promoted and distributed as a three part DVD edition.

PROGRAM I. Attention: LIGHT! (for Paul Sharits) trt ~ 55:00

The Energy Manifest!, video, 2003, 2:00
Test I, 35mm, 1971, 07:10
An Atempt (Test II), 35mm, 1971, 4:00
The Dynamic Rectangle,35mm, 1971, 3:00
Videosongs, video, 1992, 3:50
Videokisses, video, 1992, 3:00
1,2,3,4..., video, 1993, 3:00
Iddle line, video,1992, 2:50
Impulsators, video, 2000, 5:00
The Energy Angles, film/video, 1971-2004, 15:00
Attention: LIGHT! (in cooperation with Wieslaw Michalak), video, 2004, 5:00

Jozef Robakowski (Poland)

Jozef Robakowski, born 1939, is without doubt one of the foremost and most influential figures in contemporary Polish art. As an artist, film and video maker, photographer, draughtsman and more, he has been represented at international events ranging from documenta 6, Kassel to exhibitions at the MoMA, NY.