Ira Marom, "Audio Images", April 2005 (Germany/Israel)

Audio Images
a sand-media video installation
camera and cut George Cifteli

My Sand-Media installation aims to take the viewer to an environment, which portraits the venerability of information as a cultural phenomenon.

The project reflects on language as a melting pot of communication. Each language has its venerability, each culture its unique sets of values which reflect in the language.

The installation consists of a field of consoles situated in pairs. One half of the consoles are used as tablets for the text images which are laser printed directly on sand. The other half identical in its form, is used as a stand for the video presentation.

The short video loops visualize the de-construction of data printed directly on the quartz soil surface. The sound membranes distort the written word. While the word is heard, the vibrating surface of the sand becomes distorted.

Ira Marom

born in Naharia, Israel in 1955, artist, works and lives in Germany, recent exhibition includes: 1998 studio work: "Earth-Media-Panals", forming identity in the information society 1999-2000 "Earth Wall" project for the "Global House" Pavilion, EXPO 2000, 2001 "Sand-Media Installation", "Kunsten Festival des Arts", Brussels 2002, "Build-IT", Berlin, 2002, "Verzauberung durch Irritation", City of Ahlen, NRW project, 2002, "Das Recht des Bildes", Museum Bochum, 2003, "Interaktive Sand-Media Platform Workshop", Unesco project, Saarbrücken, 2003, "Family Album: Audible Chronicle in Decay", Villa Aurora, Los Angeles, 2003, "Family Album: Audible Chronicle in Decay", Haus Muche-Schlemmer, Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau, 2004, "Entsandet", "Sand-Video-Installation", Hewlett-Packard project, Kos, Greece 2004, Wunderkammer ArtSpace, Stuttgart, 2005.